Let's Speed Up Your Career

Whether you're just getting started with flying lessons or looking for the next step in your flying career, it's time to take your flying career to the next level.

Are you overwhelmed by all the different directions you can go?

Having tons of options and not knowing which road to take can leave you frozen in your tracks. Or maybe you don't know all the options that are actually available to you. 

How do you get started with your flying career?

Discover Options

Research flight school options. There are fast-paced and at your own-pace options.

Take a Discovery Flight

Most flight schools will allow you to book a discovery flight to see if it's a good fit for you. 

Create a Plan

Learn the requirements needed to complete each certificate or rating.

You're a commercial rated pilot, but how do you take your career to the next level?

How do you find jobs with low flight hours?

Create a plan to apply to flight jobs across the country.

Get your resume professionally done.

We offer aviation resume video reviews as part of your coaching package.

Get Connected

Connecting with people locally and across the country will be a game changer for your aviation career.

Eric's Story

I grew up seeing friends of the family fly for both the airlines and private charter, but no one told me what the journey to get to that point was really going to be like.

Amerika's Story

I remember before I even took a single flying lesson, I was curious about which books to study, what did the path look like and how long was this going to take. Every pilot I talked to told me something completely different. It took me weeks of inquiry for someone to give me a clear answer, yet it was still just a small piece of the pie. The next round of people told me which direction I "should go" but no one considered my needs and true desires. At the time, I wish I had an unbiased mentor to show me truly all my options from beginning to end. 

Getting Started


  • One 45 minute video call to answer your questions
  • Flight Career Path Checklist






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Resume Review & Coaching Session


  • 10-12 minute video of a full review of your resume 
  • Personalized resume notes & suggestions
  • Guide on how to properly set up an aviation resume
  • One 45 minute coaching call
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Advanced Your Career


Most Popular

  • Four 1-hour video calls
  • Create a career plan
  •  Resume review video
  •  Guidance for applying to jobs
  • 2 week intensive program

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