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Private Jet Catering Companies

We’ve provided a list of catering companies from ALL over the world. This is a growing list.

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The luggage and gear you travel with can be the difference between a rough trip and a great trip.


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Thank you for posting this. As a newly trained Corporate Flight Attendant this information is incredibly helpful.



Thank you Amerika for such an amazing job creating this wonderful list of companies. Well done my friend!



Amerika- this is incredible… what an amazing thing to do for your FA colleagues- 👏 The time and effort to do this ….. sending you blessings for such an achievement for our industry


Thank you Amerika ! Great list with some wonderful resources and information for up and coming Flight Attendants and experienced alike!
Love it! 

Cara W

The How to Become a Private Jet Flight Attendant ebook has been incredibly helpful! Highly recommend reading to anyone that is passionate about learning more about private aviation and for anyone looking to get into the industry. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone that has been through training but still needs to find work! It's worth every penny!